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It’s not hard to picture pineapples with images of pristine Hawai’i beaches and lush tropical foliage. While many see pineapple as synonymous with sweet memories of Hawaii this was not always the case. Pineapples are not native to Hawaiʻi. It was referred to as “Hala Kahiki,” which roughly translates to “foreign fruit.” Hala is a fruit found on the islands that resembles the spiky outer skin of the pineapple. When Europeans brought the pineapple with them to Hawaii, it was seen as being a foreign version of the hala fruit. Fast forward to today and pineapple images and flavors are woven into local treats and fashion.

Pineapples are close to home for us. Alana’s Nanna always referred to this royal fruit as “pine-a-pella” and well, it’s always made it that much more endearing.

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