To Be Organics Advanced Botanicals Brighten Superfood C Mask

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Superfood for timeless skin! Get your skin summer ready with our Brighten Superfood Vitamin C face mask. Packed full of botanicals to lighten, brighten and give your skin a glow. Local Pineapple powder gently exfoliates and brightens skin. Local Turmeric reduces redness and helps with inflammation. Vitamin C protects against sun damage, fights pigmentation and helps with collagen production. Featuring Local - Maui Gold pineapple and organic turmeric. Locally grown pineapple -contains bromelain which brightens skin, gently exfoliates, and reduces inflammation. Locally grown Turmeric -antiinflammatory and antibacterial. Reduces redness and calms skin l-ascorbic acid -helps with collagen production, Protects against sun damage. Fights pigmentation Camu Camu -potent antioxidant and helps skin retain moisture and conditions. High in Vitamin C Pumpkin -gently removes dead skin and leave skin smooth and glowing