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Eco-friendly cleaning cloth that can reduce the amount of paper towel usage. Use it to wipe, mop, scrub, polish, and clean those big spills! Each of these cloths can absorb as much as 20 times of its own weight in liquid. So YES it is super absorbent.

Each towel measures ~8” x 7”
Material: Cellulose; biodegradable
Designs: Screenprinted with non-toxic water based ink

HOW to use it?
Wet- Wring-Wipe-Repeat
Wet it to dampen and soften the cloth before each use. Wring out excessive liquids. Wipe spills. Rinse with clean water after each use.

Can I throw it in the washing machine?
Yes! It is machine washable. Cold water and mild detergent should do the job. Lay flat or hang up to air dry. Pack of 2 is great so that you have a clean one to use while the dirty one is in the laundry.

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